Pretty Room

    This room has pink walls. There is a white, round, tasteful mirror on the wall. This room has a big, white, expensive fireplace. There is rectangular, white, simple photo stand on the fireplace. There are colorful, thin books under the white, simple table. There is light blue, long thermos on the white, simple table. There are two colorful, cute cushions on the white lovely sofa. There is green, white, nice carpet under the white, simple table. There is pink, cute curtain by the window. There is white, beautiful, sofa on the wood floor. There is pink, square, pretty radio on the nice fireplace. There are two, short, plastic bottles in the white, small, simple shelf.  There is white, square, simple mirror on the wall near the window.  There is big, yellow, beautiful, noticeable flower next to the white, simple sofa.  There is pink, circular, pretty vase by the fireplace. There are three tasty champagnes bottles on the pink, cute, wooden tray.  There is pretty, small, flower design lamp on the white, cute small shelf.  There are some little, beautiful flower next to the feminine, flower designed lamp. There is rare, light blue, beautiful, artificial butterfly near the cute, pink, bright wall.

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